Saturday, November 13, 2010

Retirement Relocation –Ten Things I’m Looking Forward to in Vermont

10. Getting cable TV, since reception without it will probably be limited. We get enough stations in Rhode Island using rabbit ears that I haven’t been able to justify cable.

9. Local health food stores that smell fabulous. With all those crunchy granolas in Vermont, there must be some great stores up there to replace Whole Foods. On a retirement budget, I may only be able to go there to inhale, but I’ll take it.

8. Reliable snow removal no matter how severe the storm is. They know how to do snow in Vermont. In Rhode Island, high school kids come around looking for work when there’s a dusting to a few inches and sleep in when there’s 8 to 12.

7. Sailing on Lake Champlain. That assumes that I meet someone with a boat who finds me entertaining enough to invite me on board. (Maybe this one should read: watching other people sailing on Lake Champlain.)

6. Really clean, fresh air. The good news about Rhode Island: a lot of intersecting Interstates means convenient travel. The bad news about Rhode Island: a lot of intersecting Interstates means lots of exhaust.

5. Watching my grandniece grow up. (She was the micro-preemie who weighed one pound seven ounces.) I see her twice a year now and I feel lucky that she remembers who I am. I want to become her favorite bis zia. (Sorry, Gloria.) Crazy cat lady will also do.

4. Day trips to the city to go shopping. (That means to Montreal, not downtown Burlington.)

3. Spending Thanksgivings with my family again. I just hope Jagdish doesn’t insist on sitting on his store stool at the dinner table.

2. Doing lunch with my sister and my niece. (Remember Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin, in full military gear, trudging around in the rain? “I just wanna go out to lunch.”) I don’t care about the wearing sandals part, especially since they’d probably be Birkenstocks anyway.

And the number one thing I look forward to when we relocate to Vermont after retirement:

1. Five words: Lake Champlain Chocolates Factory Store.

Head nod to David Letterman.

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