Saturday, June 29, 2013

Retiree’s Life in Pie Charts

This week’s post is a visual one: viewing a typical retiree’s life in pie charts. Special thanks to my Fly Fox friend for suggesting this idea. If you have trouble reading the legends for these charts, scroll to the bottom. They are in text down there.

There you have it. A typical retiree’s life, explained in easy to understand pie charts.
As promised, for those who have visually-challenged computer screens, below is the text.


ITEM                                                                PERCENTAGE

Sleep Cycle
Time Spent Getting Ready for Bed                                                            20
Time Spent Trying to Fall Asleep                                                               30
Time Spent Getting Up to Go to the Bathroom                                        5
Time Spent Trying to Get Back to Sleep                                                  15
Time Spent Actually Asleep                                                                       15
Time Spent Trying to Wake Up and Get Going                                       15

Doctors' Appointments
Time Spent Looking for Doctors' Phone #s                                             15
Time Spent Scheduling Doctors Appointments                                     20
Time Spent Changing Doctors Appointments                                        25
Time Spent in Doctors' Waiting Rooms                                                   32
Time Spent with Doctors in Their Offices/Exam Rooms                         8

Food Cycle
Making Shopping List                                                                                 18
Grocery Shopping                                                                                       20
Unloading Car/Putting Groceries Away                                                   27
Deciding What To Eat                                                                                  25
Preparing Meal                                                                                              6
Actually Eating                                                                                               4

Occupant Junk Mail                                                                                       25
Personalized Junk Mail                                                                                 15
Charity Appeals                                                                                              10
Bills                                                                                                                   20
Medical Information (Non-Bills)                                                                  25
Personal Mail Worth Opening                                                                       5

Phone Calls
Solicitations (Robocalls and Live)                                                               35
Surveys (Robocalls and Live)                                                                       20
Appointment Reminders                                                                              15
Family Emergencies                                                                                         8
Family Guilt Calls                                                                                            12
Friends Keeping in Touch                                                                              10

Your Social Network
Neighbors You Avoid                                                                                     25
Neighbors Who Avoid You                                                                           25
Neighbors You Never Cross Paths With                                                     10
Neighbors You Spend Time With                                                                   5
Facebook Friends You "Spend Time" With                                                35

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