Saturday, June 16, 2012

Retirement Hiatus — Father’s Day Post

I hope my regular readers will afford me an indulgence today. This week’s post has been hijacked by Lily Magnolia. She wanted to send her father a special Father’s Day message through her mother’s blog. She’s always been Daddy’s girl…

Dear Daddy,

F is for my Fur that irritates your nose;
A is for the Allergies that you’ve learned to ignore.
T is for my Tail, that flicks across your plate;
H is how Happily I meet you at the door.
E is for my Ears that you gently scratch behind;
R means that I let you Rub my furry little tummy.
S is your Slippers that take me for morning rides;
D means you’re my Daddy, and I love you more than Mommy.
A is for Always—that’s how long I’ll be your special girl;
Y means You’re the best Daddy in the whole, wide world.

Love, Lily Magnolia

Don’t feel bad for me. I’ve got Luke. He doesn’t write poems, but he purrs up a storm and he really loves his mother.

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