Saturday, February 16, 2013

Retirees’ Potpourri Quiz — What the What?

This week I’m giving retirees a Potpourri Quiz to see how much you pay attention to the tidbits in the media. Actually, it’s mostly the tidbits I gleaned from recent issues of Time magazine. I guarantee that some of these will have you scratching your head and saying: “What the what?” Don’t scroll down to the answers until you’ve made your best attempt at all the questions.

1.     Allergy sufferers were warned to take along extra Claritin when visiting the MOMA this month because of which of the following:
a.     Renovations to the education center that unexpectedly stirred up tremendous amounts of plaster dust.
b.     A concept art exhibit featuring live, long-haired felines; white cats lounging on black velvet; black cats on white.
c.      An installation in the atrium that consists of nothing but pollen, collected in Germany over two decades.
2.     Tennis star Novak Djokovic is buying up all the available cheese made from the following for his new restaurant chain:
a.     Milk from yaks raised by Buddhist monks
b.     Donkey milk
c.      Serbian tofu
d.     Kashmiri goat testicles
3.     The window in a store in a luxury mall in Egypt displayed boxer shorts with the following message printed on them:
a.     Eighth Wonder of the Modern World
b.     I’m the Sheik of Araby (and this is not a tent pole)
c.      Don’t be the Queen of de Nile
d.     Nibble My Nuts
4.     TRUE or FALSE: When the Dalai Lama spoke recently at Brown University, urging students to share their peaceful thoughts or “forget it,” the stenographer heard it wrong and projected the F-bomb onto a giant overhead screen.
5.     TRUE or FALSE: One of the losing entries submitted in a contest for interesting structures to span the Seine was a trampoline bridge.
6.     Australia recently added the colors pink and deep purple to their weather maps. The new colors signify:
a.     Temperatures above 122 degrees F (50 degrees C)
b.     Severe drought warnings and potential fire hazards
c.      Areas where campers should be on heightened alert for attacks by dingoes (wild dogs)
d.     Counties where there are shortages of Foster’s beer.
7.     Which of the following are not strains of medical marijuana (now legalized in Washington and several other states)?
a.     Black Widow
b.     Blue Dream
c.      Golden Kush
d.     Cat Piss
e.     Maui Wowie
8.     Häagen-Dazs created a special ice cream cake shaped like which of the following, as a marketing stunt?
a.     Kim Kardashian’s butt, complete with dimples
b.     Sophia Vergara’s breasts, complete with nipples
c.      The moon, complete with craters
d.     Wrigley Field, complete with bases
9.     Pranksters recently hacked the Minnesota Public Radio alert system and broadcast a warning for which of the following?
a.     Outbreak of “mad cow” disease
b.     Severe flooding around Lake Wobegon
c.      Bomb threats at the Mall of America
d.     The zombie apocalypse
e.     Jesse Ventura is considering another run for governor
10. Which of the following were not offered to passengers aboard the Carnival cruise ship Triumph that was stranded at sea for days without AC, water or functioning toilets?
a.     Full refund for the cost of the cruise
b.     Complimentary photo album of their cruise experience
c.      Plastic bags for disposal of their number two waste
d.     A credit toward a future Carnival cruise
e.     $500 stack of Carnival casino chips

The answers (I swear, I swear):

1. c                  2. b                  3. d                  
4. True            5. True           6. a
7. All are strains of medical marijuana      
 8. c                  9. d                  10. b and e

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