Saturday, November 24, 2012

Retirement Reflections — Giving Thanks 2012

Though this holiday season finds me still sad at the loss of my beloved Lily Magnolia, I’m nonetheless grateful for the many blessings in my life. Thanksgiving is a time when I typically post reflections on things for which I’m grateful. This year’s list:

·      Friends and family who are upbeat and positive and a pleasure to be around, especially ones who are “glass overflowing”—even more optimistic than “glass half full.” (Jagdish’s store motto is “Home of the overflowing glass.”)

·      Friends who share their joy on Facebook, both in pictures and in words. (A special shout out to Ann Stokes Neff and Christine Sweeten Tourso.)
·      The relatively good health that Jagdish and I have enjoyed this year; no trips to the ER, no hospitalizations—a rarity for us!
·      A relaxing holiday drive up to Vermont and back, with no traffic jams, no accidents and as always, beautiful scenery along the way.
·      Grandnieces and a grandnephew who are growing into wonderful young people; they’ll probably be my height by next Thanksgiving.
·      Luke being so happy to see me when we returned from Vermont. He slept with me Friday night and was perched on top of me in the morning.
·      Another year to enjoy our house since we didn’t sell it again this year, and especially the prospect of another Christmas here.
·      Having the discipline to publish two books in about twelve months, with the third one targeted to be out by the end of this year.
·      Looking forward to the adventure of “retirement” with Jagdish and getting to spend more time together.
·      The little, independent local shops that make our communities special (like Spectrum-India and Books-on-the-Square). Today is Small Business Saturday. Shop local!

I’m grateful for many other things, but a list of ten seems to have become a tradition. I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and that you join me in embracing an “overflowing glass” perspective on your own life this year.

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