Saturday, August 6, 2011

Retirement Overload - Taking a Pass on Posting

Just a quick post to apologize for taking a pass on a real post today.
We had our yard/tag/garage sale and I was on my feet for most of the ten hours from set up to pack up. Virtually no breakfast; no lunch. But plenty of water to try to keep hydrated.

The sale started at nine AM with "no early birds" in ads and on sign at the house.
Someone was insistently ringing our front doorbell at 7:45 as I was climbing out of the shower.
Needless to say, I didn't answer the door. No point in scaring off the buyers...

Sold quite a lot, but it seems to have barely made a dent. Lots of boxes of things to donate next week, especially books. Fortunately, someone bought all three of the doll carriages I had for sale, as well as a large, decorative sleigh. Those were some of the items that would have been a challenge to take with us, even if they were destined for self-storage and an attempt at an EBay sale.
Now I'm hoping that the person who emailed a bid on the doll house but couldn't come to the sale decides to take that. It's even bigger and more challenging than the doll carriages!

Fingers crossed that the contract we have on our house doesn't fall apart in the next two days over inspection issues. It's supposed to be an "as is" deal, but apparently in this market buyers say "sure" so you'll accept their ridiculously low bid. Then they proceed to give you a list of things they expect you to accommodate or they'll walk.

It's possible that I'll miss my post this coming Wednesday, too, as we hope to be in Vermont Tuesday and Wednesday looking at condos. If you see a post, chances are we cancelled the trip because our buyers pushed me beyond my breaking point on Monday.

Stay tuned!

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